Type Journal Layout | InDesign Project

The focus of this project is on the art and practical application of typefaces in real-world situations. As a designer, it is essential to not only be familiar with the principles of typography, but also to know how to effectively utilize type in design.

Payoneer | UX Design Study

Payoneer is an online borderless payment app for digital commerce and independent contractors who sell their services online. Payoneer promises the technology, connections and confidence to involve and flourish in the new global economy.

EveryPage | Native Mobile App Design

EveryPage is a mobile app dedicated to book lovers keeping track of book collections at home and meeting other people in the nearby community to exchange books.

Crypto.com | UI Design Study

Crypto.com is a mobile app to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies. One unique features of this platform is the gamification of learning the nitty-gritty of cryptocurrencies.

Udemy | UI Mobile App Design Study

Udemy is an online learning platform for any subject matter. The goal of this mobile app study is to improve the overall learning experience of the user by redesigning the current UI and UX of the app.