Nu U Nutrition Product Brochure – Interactive Pdf

The primary objective of the Nu U Nutrition Catalogue project is to design and develop an interactive product catalogue using Adobe InDesign. The catalogue aims to showcase the diverse range of Nu U Nutrition’s premium health and wellness products, enhancing their brand identity and providing a user-friendly experience for potential customers.

Email Newsletter Design | Klaviyo & MailChimp

Leveraging my design skills, I have created visually stunning and highly engaging email newsletter for Klaviyo & MailChimp that captivate audiences and drive conversions. With a focus on seamless user experience and brand consistency, these templates offer businesses powerful tools to deliver impactful and successful email marketing campaigns

Vitaleaf Co. – Brand Design

In this conceptual project, the goal was to design a captivating brand identity for Vitaleaf Co, a fictional tea leaf company dedicated to delivering pure and exquisite teas. Leveraging Adobe Illustrator, I meticulously crafted a visually stunning brand identity that embodies the brand’s core values of quality and elegance.

Hummingbird Digital Co. | Brand Identity Design

Overview Hummingbird Digital Co. is a concept brand that aims to provide innovative digital solutions to businesses and individuals. The brand’s core values include creativity, efficiency, and excellence. As a branding identity designer, the task is to create a unique and memorable brand identity that reflects these values and resonates with the brand’s target audience. […]